Pamela Ryle & Linda Green Johnson, Chairpersons

Premiums Offered: $394.00

First Place $3.00, Second Place $2.00, Third Place $1.00

Amateur Photographers Only

“Hayden Barker Best of Show” Award for adults and students


Lot 1. abstract- Photos that emphasize form, color, and line

Lot 2. animal(s), tame      Lot 3. animal(s), Wild

Lot 4. Bird(s)     Lot 5. Building(s)

Lot 6. B&W of Person or People        Lot 7. B&W, other, no People

Lot 8. Firework(s)      Lot 9. Flower(s)

Lot 10. Funny     Lot 11. holiday

Lot 12. Insect(s) &/or Butterfly(s)       Lot 13. Landscape

Lot 14. Mountain(s)        Lot 15. Patriotic

Lot 16. Photo of adult(s) (18 & older)        Lot 17. Photo of Adult(s) with Child(ren) together

Lot 18. Photo of One Child (0-3 year)        Lot 19. Photo of Children (2 or more)

Lot 20. Photo of One Child (4-12 yrs)        Lot 21. Photo of one teen (13-17 yrs)

Lot 22. Public, Local Event        Lot 23. Special Effects

Lot 24. Special Moment         Lot 25. Sports

Lot 26. Story- Four photos that tell a story         Lot 27. Transportation

Lot 28. tree(s)        Lot 29. Water

Lot 30. Weather- clouds, rainbow, or snow, etc.        Lot 31. Selfies

Lot 32. theme Category- Fried green tomatoes

All exhibits must be 4” x 6” prints and mounted on WHITE 5” x 8” paper. Absolutely NO Nudity. Black & White photographs are limited to Lots 6 & 7. Photos must be made by the person entering the photo. One entry per Lot.

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